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In 2013 CanadianChamp started playing league, and little did he know what a huge impact just picking up this game was going to have on him. The following year he would join his first team, but deep down he knew he wanted to be able to do something with his love and passion for the game and community as a whole. Meanwhile, PlaysFerDays, who had been playing since 2011, joined his first team Bacon Lettuce Teemo in 2013, out of a desire to try to imitate the eSport he was growing ever so fond of. However, despite the success of BLT in bronze-silver tournaments, PlaysFerDays was desperate to find the next step to feel even closer to the League of Legends eSport. As the years passed both players went through multiple teams and multiple organizations trying to find that spark that would bring them closer to the eSport world they so loved, in 2017 however they would both begin separate organizations and run their respective leagues. But, neither league clicked with either of the 2 men and while PlaysFerDays's organization fell on the wayside CanadianChamp held together the bare bones of his Organization hoping to find that missing link. In mid-2018, their paths would finally cross and the ideas that came of that first interaction sparked the creation of Phoenix Rising as you know it today.

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