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Inspire League
Rules and Regulations

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Season Overview

Inspire League consists of 24 teams split into 3 Divisions Ranking from Silver - Plat 3; all Elo restrictions are determined by ranked solo/duo.

Divisional Game Days:
Monday: Stellar Division
Tuesday: Celestial Division
Wednesday: Orbed Division

Teams compete through a 7-week long double round robin across all 3 divisions, where each team will play in a best of 1 tournament drafting format. Resulting in each team playing twice, whereas the top 4 teams from each division advance to Playoffs.

Playoffs Format

After the Regular Season concludes from the 7 weeks and when all tiebreaker scenarios have been determined for final placements. The top 4 teams will be split into a cross-divisional play in format. Under a Best of 5, 12 Team Single Elimination Bracket

Rule Book playoffs bracket2-2.png

Prize Pool Distribution

After Playoffs has concluded and their final placements have been decided, with set increments depending on where a team finishes in playoffs. The payout structure will be as follows:
1st Place: 300$
2nd Place: 150$

3rd Place: 100$
4th Place: 75$
5th-8th Place: 50$

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Games are broadcasted every Monday-Wednesday from 7:00PM EST - 11:00PM EST

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